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Stay Home, Exercise Locally, Save Lives

Tuesday 5 January, 2021, by Mark Sadler

Following the implementation of new Covid-19 national restrictions the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is urging everyone to stay home and not to make unnecessary trips to, or around the National Park.

National Park offices in Bainbridge and Grassington are closed to the public. National Park Visitor Centres and Dales Countryside Museum are also closed.

National Park car parks, toilets and public rights of way remain open for local people to take exercise, and shop for essentials. It is important these are not blocked or obstructed.

Where rights of way pass close to, or through residential and agricultural properties, Government advice regarding social distancing should be strictly adhered to. 

Neil Heseltine, Chair of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority said: “The message is clear, stay home, exercise locally, and avoid all unnecessary travel.

“Many people in our communities fall into the most vulnerable category of people. This means:

  • No-one should be coming to the National Park for recreation or leisure, for example a picnic or a social meeting.
  • No-one should travel outside of their local area for exercise.

“Finally, the Yorkshire Dales will be here for us all when this is over. It isn’t going anywhere, and neither should you. Please stay home and plan for when local businesses across the Park will be back up and running and delighted to welcome you back”.

The latest COVID-19 guidance for people living and working in the National Park is updated regularly here.

Picture of Mark Sadler

Mark Sadler

Mark is the Communications Manager with the YDNPA.


5 Replies to “Stay Home, Exercise Locally, Save Lives”

  1. Sue lodge says:

    Can I ask are the rangers not able to help at busy places where visitors are still turning with advice against being there ? Or is this not allowed by the NP ? As the Covid gets worst local person are going to get more anxious and angry and will start taking their own action which isn’t what anybody wants

    • Mark Sadler says:

      Sue, enforcement is a matter for the Cumbria/North Yorkshire Police. We will continue to amplify, through all our channels, the Government guidance for people to stay home, exercise locally and not to travel unnecessarily.

  2. Dave Shaw says:

    Reading the correspondence of Sue Lodge & Mark Sadler, it’s gratifying to see the National Parks Authority resisting the suggestion that they should act as ‘vigilantes’, engaging with members of the public about their right to be where they are. If any of us think that COVID rules & advice are not being adhered to, there is government advice on what to do; as Mark points out, it’s not a job for rangers.
    Perhaps like Sue, I’m fortunate to live in an area which attracts visitors, even in these difficult times. Typically, I don’t question their motives in being in the area – I assume that they are exercising, as they are allowed (& indeed encouraged) to do. We’re all in this together, & as long as government guidelines are being followed, I wish the visitors to my area well, because I know it’s helping them.
    Can I encourage those residents in the National Park who object to people they don’t recognise to reflect – maybe these strangers are front line workers? Also reflect further – should you need medical services, such as COVID hospitalisation, or vaccination, will you travel out of the National Park to receive such support, or will you stay in the National Park?
    COVID doesn’t care where we live. We’re in this together – please let’s try & show some sympathy & understanding for each other.

  3. Dave G says:

    Rules and guidelines have to be followed front line people are not going to break these rules and travel miles out of there area to exercise when there on TV asking people to stay home . Let’s just stay home and follow the rules the Dale’s are not going any where. Think of the older residents of the dales .

  4. Louise Pollard says:

    I’m am just ASTONISHED by the amount of people who forget to go to the toilet before they go out and excecise locally!!
    It really says a lot about our society and the attitudes to public health and safety.

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