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Hen Harrier Photo by Dennis Jacobsen

Reaction to the RSPB Birdcrime Report

Friday 1 December, 2023, by News Release

The RSBP recently published its latest ‘Birdcrime’ report.

David Butterworth, Chief Executive Officer of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, said: “It is yet again hugely embarrassing that this part of the country has been shamed as being the worst for proven and suspected bird of prey persecution in the UK.

“An end to the illegal killing of birds cannot come soon enough. Some of the instances of criminality this year beggar belief. The stamping to death of 4 young Harrier chicks and one Harrier having its head pulled from its body while still alive. Truly shocking levels of depravity.

“It’s all the more galling because there are signs of positive change. Some local land managers are doing great work to conserve birds of prey in the National Park.

“We are currently preparing a new evidence report on bird of prey populations in the National Park on behalf of the Yorkshire Dales Bird of Prey Partnership. We hope this report will be published in the coming weeks. Sadly all of this will count for little whilst the persecution of Birds of Prey continues.

Picture of News Release

News Release

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


2 Replies to “Reaction to the RSPB Birdcrime Report”

  1. David Levey says:

    I welcome these words from the Yorkshire Dales National Park CEO. I have experienced intimidation from keepers while walking on Dales Grouse Moor within the National Park. I also despair at the monoculture of the grouse moors.

  2. SJW says:

    Who on earth even thinks to do this sort of hideous, depraved thing?

    But as long as National Parks effectively let them get away with it, either by lack of resources, weak enforcement, or both, it looks set to continue.

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