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Starry sky above Pendragon Castle in Mallerstang, part of the core area of the Dark Sky Reserve Ben Bush Photography

Quiz for the astronomically-advanced

Wednesday 10 February, 2021, by Katy Foxford

The moment of truth… are you as bright as the North Star or a little dimmer? You can find a link to the answers below.

1. How many light years across is the Milky Way?

2. In which constellation is Betelgeuse found?

3. Which planet, the first to be discovered since prehistoric times, was found in 1781 by William Herschel?

4. At 4.2 light years away, which is the closest star to the Earth (not including the Sun)?

5. What is the Great Red Spot?

6. Where is the Sea of Tranquility?

7. What constellation is The Plough a part of?

8. What is the largest artificial object in Earth orbit, which can often be seen with the naked eye?

9. Who were the first British man and woman in space? Bonus point for the years.

10. What is a nebula?

If this quiz has piqued your interest and you want to learn more, we have a stellar line up of many free educational events (for beginners and for those who are a bit more advanced) for you to get involved in as part of our 2021 Dark Skies Festival.

Answers to this quiz can be found here.

Picture of Katy Foxford

Katy Foxford

Katy is the Tourism Support Officer with the YDNPA


2 Replies to “Quiz for the astronomically-advanced”

  1. Karen says:

    The link to the answers doesn’t take you to a list of the answers.

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