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Beacon Burning torch beacon made from paraffin wax

Platinum Jubilee Beacons

Wednesday 18 May, 2022, by Mark Sadler

There is a long tradition of celebrating Royal Jubilees, Weddings and Coronations with the lighting of beacons – on top of mountains, church and cathedral towers, castle battlements, on town and village greens, country estates, parks and farms, along beaches and on cliff tops.

On 2nd June 2022, we celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s 70th year as Monarch and Head of the Commonwealth – her Platinum Jubilee. More than 2,022 beacons will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, and in other territories in recognition of her service.

The beacons enable local communities, individuals and organisations to pay tribute to her as part of the official Platinum Jubilee Weekend of celebrations.

We asked Parish Councils and Parish Meetings to share details of beacons being lit in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. As we receive them, they’ll be updated in the table below.

Thursday 2 June 2022

ArkengarthdaleKitley HillArkengarthdale Parish Council are lighting a beacon on Kitley Hill meeting at the Red Lion at 8.15pm or just be at the top of Kitley Hill beacon for 9.40pm
Askrigg & Low AbbotsideWhitfieldThere will be a beacon lit on Whitfield at 9.45pm
BarbonTop of Barbon Low FellThe beacon will be lit at 9.45pm and can be seen from the village
Conistone with KilnseyKilnsey CragConistone with Kilnsey are having our beacon on top of Kilnsey Crag. We are lighting at 9.45pm. Villagers are going to watch from the Tennant Arms pub 
Crosby GarrettCrosby GarrettBeacon in Crosby Garrett has been officially registered via pageant master it’s location is at the church, Crosby Garrett.
We have also agreed timings as closest registered beacon to Hadrian’s Wall so will be lit throughout the hours of 7pm till 11pm or so
East WittonEast WittonThe beacon will be located above and to the west of the village and will be lit at 9.45pm. Villagers and friends who wish to be at the beacon are asked to meet at the western most point of the village green at 9.15pm and walk up to the beacon’s location as a single group. Those unable or unwilling to do this will be able to see the beacon from the village green.
Hawes & High AbbotsideStags FellThere will be a beacon lit on the top of Stags Fell at 9.45pm
IngletonIngleton & IngleboroughIngleton village are planning to light two beacons on Thursday, timed to tie in with the National Beacon Lighting Programme. One beacon will be on the sports field near the centre of the village, the other on the summit of Ingleborough!
LeckLeck FellThe Jubilee Bonfire on Leck Fell will be lit at 9.45pm. As the fell road is single lane, we are asking drivers before 9.30pm to come first to the Church Car Park in Leck to proceed together up the lane. A minibus will leave from the car park at 9.15pm offering some limited free transport up the fell for those who prefer not to drive. Return journeys will be made from about 10.15pm onwards. Marshals will be on hand. Suggest you bring a picnic or hot drinks but no fireworks please. This is a public event. All participants taking part do so at their own risk
MalhamPikedawMalhamdale Jubilee team are lighting a beacon on Pikedaw on Thursday at 2145.  The exact location is distract.else.panicking (What3Words) or map reference SD883637.  It is a remote and hilly area so a torch, suitable clothing and footwear are essential if you plan to attend.  People will also need to be extremely vigilant of livestock and be mindful not to drop any litter. 
OrtonOrton ScarAt 2pm the Orton village Town Crier announces The Royal Proclamation. At 7.30pm gather in the village square for a peel of the church bells, a toast to the Queen and to walk up to Orton Scar Beacon via Broadfell. A piper will perform at 9.35pm and the beacon will be lit at 9.45pm followed by a short firework display.
SettleSettleSettle Town Council are lighting a beacon on Castlebergh Crag. It’s a public event and there will be a Town Crier announcement at 2pm. A Piper and Cornet Player and members of the public are welcome to stand in the Market Place from 9:30pm. Beacon lighting at 9:45pm.
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Mark Sadler

Mark is the Communications Manager with the YDNPA.


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