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Planning Committee Set to Decide On 5G Mast

Friday 29 January, 2021, by News Release

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has received a small number of applications from mobile technology providers to erect phone masts in Coverdale as part of a Government-funded trial to support the development of future rural connectivity in areas that have no mobile coverage.

The applications are being dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with one for the installation of a 17m wooden utility pole with mobile communications antenna and equipment cabinet in West Scrafton set to be considered by the Authority’s planning committee on 9 February.

Julie Martin, Chair of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Planning Committee, said:

“The majority of planning applications – around 90% – are usually dealt with by officers, in line with our planning policies. However, given the public interest in this application, we felt it important that this should be considered by the committee and discussed publicly so the arguments for and against can be heard.

“We would add that, as a local planning authority, we can only consider the design and siting of masts, not the technology itself”. “We would therefore encourage anyone with an interest in this application – and the decision-making process itself – to watch the meeting live on Tuesday 9 February at 1pm on the Authority’s website or on the Authority’s You Tube Channel later that evening”.

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4 Replies to “Planning Committee Set to Decide On 5G Mast”

  1. Jennifer Lister says:

    DL8 3EL

    3 February 2021

    Dear Sirs

    Ref R/85/51A/GDO

    As a resident of Coverdale I write to object to the above 5G test bed mast application and wish my objection to be recorded.

    I have heard that Coverdale, as a whole, shall not be covered and that the mast will just duplicate the service already offered by BT, which I have found most efficient in Gammersgill.

    I am also very concerned about the health and environmental impacts which I believe you have not researched adequately. If I am mistaken please furnish me with details of access to your findings.

    Yours faithfully

    Jennifer Lister
    Walnut Tree Cottage
    DL8 4TP

  2. Caroline Penman says:

    Dear Sir

    I would you to record my objection to the proposed erection of these masts.

    The Planning Department has worked SO HARD to ensure the Dales are clear of man made objects breaking the skyline and have paid enormous attention to the detail of preserving this beautiful area and conserving its special qualities.  We have no high tension cables spanning the Dales, no ‘windmills’ and huge amounts of public money is being spent on making a great job of burying all the telephone cables…. because they are considered UGLY.

    To allow the erection of these masts is to compromise the integrity of the gold standard we have worked hard t achieve here. If this is allowed we will soon be looking the same as the Lake District, Wales and Cornwall. The fabulous job that the Parks do to ensure our uniqueness will be dashed and will open the door for other atrocities.  We have to ‘follow the money’ on this one and wonder who is pushing this through at short notice and without enough public debate.

    I am all for everyone having fast broadband, to their doors. I gather that this is on offer with a weatherproof and proven system using fibroptic cable which can be delivered into the home, avoiding this disruption and compromise of everything the wonderful Dales authority has managed to uphold thus far.

    I emplore you to refuse the masts and rebuke those pushing for it.  Do they have no idea of the impact on the area and how appalling it is to even consider it when there is a cable system available which is just as efficient?

    I think people should be given the choice.  I think there will be a lot of local anger when people find out this has been rushed through without them being made fully aware of the options.

    Yours sincerely

    Caroline Penman

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