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The Whole Roast Ox Company

The Whole Roast Ox Company We are based in Wensleydale, near Hawes, in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales; surrounded by traditional Dales' hay meadows, herb rich hill pasture, and heather moorland.

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Address: Skellgill Ln, Leyburn
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The Whole Roast Ox Company

In the spring of 2015, we had the opportunity to purchase a machine capable of roasting a whole beef carcase known as a Whole Roast Ox . It was an opportunity not to be missed, and we are now (as far we know) the only outside catering company in the UK capable of roasting a Whole Ox.

So what is a Whole Roast Ox?

When we talk about a Whole Roast Ox, we’re talking about roasting a whole beef animal that has been reared slowly, with care, on grass pasture. It’s a bit like when we talk about roasting a pig, which we would all call a hog roast.
“We want to bring back the community spirit and theatre of providing guests with a beautifully roasted whole roast ox. For me it is such an exciting venture; its fun, its theatre, it is cooking that goes back to our roots and it is great eating. We have cooked a pig in an earth oven known as a Hangi, we have just built a wood fired pizza oven, and love cooking outdoors with fire as in an Argentinian Asado. The Whole Roast Ox takes these to a new level of experience and entertainment, that brings people to together and pays high respect for the meat using an animal nose to tail, no waste."

We source beef cattle reared locally and use traditional native breeds such as Herefords, Dexter, Lincoln Reds, Aberdeen Angus, Galloway, and Beef Shorthorns (a breed that originated very close to us).

These are breeds prized internationally for their premium quality, natural flavour, tenderness and succulence. They are reared with care, in a natural environment, by farmers we know.
They are allowed to grow and mature slowly; this produces a great marbling of fat which will melt away as it slowly cooks over 24 hours, leaving the most delicious meat you will ever taste.