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The Malham Smithy

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Address: Malham Smithy, Malham, Skipton
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The Malham Smithy is the workshop of female blacksmith Annabelle Bradley, where she runs blacksmith experience days and designs and hand forges sculptural and functional wrought ironwork.

Annabelle uses traditional blacksmithing techniques combined with contemporary design in producing decorative items for the home and garden. The Malham Smithy is situated in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales village of Malham. It has a gallery area displaying wrought ironwork as well as a viewing area to be able to watch Annabelle at work on the traditional coke forge. If you are looking for things to do in Malham or the Yorkshire Dales, come and visit the historic Malham Smithy, suitable leisure entertainment for families, old and young.

A small selection of hand forged items such as candle sconces, companion sets and hooks etc. are available to purchase from the gallery, you can also take the opportunity to discuss commissions for bespoke designs, or book a session to forge your own piece of hand crafted art.