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Curlew Dairy

Curlew Dairy Farm fresh milk and Old Roan Wensleydale cheese, made on our small family dairy farm in Wensleydale.

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Address: The Corner House, Wensley, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. DL8 4HN.
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Curlew Dairy

Welcome to Curlew Dairy. We make traditional farmhouse Wensleydale cheese in our micro dairy in Wensleydale, using milk from a small local farm.

Pick up some delicious milk in a reusable glass bottle from one of our milk vending machines. Pasteurised slowly in small batches to preserve the quality - but with no other processing - it tastes like milk should!

Our self-service milk vending machine sits inside a horse trailer specially converted into a mobile shop. The trailer is parked in a different Wensleydale village each day of the week.  We have a permanent machine inside Campbell’s of Leyburn - an award winning supermarket specialising in fresh, local food.

We are the only farmhouse cheesemaker in Wensleydale. A hundred years ago almost every dairy farm would have made their own cheese. Using a traditional recipe, and raw milk to give it added flavour, Old Roan is smooth and creamy in texture - similar to how Wensleydale would have tasted back then. Head to our website to find a stockist or buy online –

All our milk comes from Will at Atley Hill Raw Milk. Will has a small herd of Holstein and Ayrshire cows and keeping his girls healthy and happy is his number one priority. They graze outside for as long as the harsh Yorkshire weather will allow (usually April to November). In winter they feed on haylage made on the farm, giving the milk a sweeter taste which comes through to the final cheese.

We use unpasteurised milk, so the cheese truly reflects the ‘terroir’ of the farm. Everything from the pastures on which the cows grazed, the weather, the season and even the bacteria in the soil plays a role in determining the final flavour.