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Taplin & Mageean Gin

Taplin & Mageean Gin Ultra-premium small batch gin distilled in the heart of Wensleydale.

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Address: The Distillery, Leyburn Station, Harmby Road
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01969 624607

Taplin & Mageean Gin

The Yorkshire Dales in a Bottle

From the beautiful landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales, Taplin & Mageean has grown, and now presents you with award winning gins that are the essence of the Dales in a bottle. With a distillery in Leyburn in Wensleydale, Taplin & Mageean uses local ingredients to capture the taste of the Dales. The very heart of all gin is juniper — wild junipers growing in the very Dale where the gin is made. We also use local crystal-clear water naturally filtered through the ancient limestone landscape, locally grown apples, and hops from the World-renowned Dales-based beer maker Black Sheep Brewery. We also use some of the finest botanicals on the planet such as orange zest from Spain, Angelica root from Belgium, Oris root from Italy, and Coriander seeds from Morocco.

The Taste

The taste of our gins is bold like the landscape in which they are created. You can savour them like a good view, each taste reminding you of this quintessentially English landscape, known locally (and for good reason) as God’s own country. The beauty is the finished product, where botanicals, water, and spirit combine producing layers of flavour like layers of a Dales landscape.