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Semerwater Alpaca Ambles

Need to know

Address: Marsett Ln, Leyburn
Grid ref:
w3w: ///owns.famous.dwarf A three word address provided by our friends at ///what3words.

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Semerwater Alpaca Ambles offer a no frills Amble with Alpacas. They have 5 walking Alpacas varying in age. The Alpacas are rotated so the walks will consist of either 2 or 3 animals. One or two people can walk with an Alpaca. The walks are not suitable for children under the age of 8 and children between 8 and 16 must share an Alpaca with an adult. Due to the hilly and uneven terrain walks are not suitable for people with walking/mobility issues.

The route varies depending on the farming calender but each walk will include a snack time (for the Alpacas) and plenty of photo opportunities.
The time it takes to do the walk varies as everything is done at Alpaca pace.