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Hesper Farm – Skyr

Hesper Farm - Skyr Hesper Farm produces a wide range of Skyr Yoghurts in the Yorkshire Dales National Park

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Hesper Farm – Skyr

Hesper Farm has been home to the same family and award-winning pedigree herd for many generations. They stand for the same values of high-welfare, sustainable farming that they always have. And they always will. But nothing stands still. From a purpose-built dairy at Hesper Farm in the Yorkshire Dales, they are a young team pioneering bold, new dairy which delivers on quality, nutrition and flavour every single time. They don’t follow the herd and They never will.

In 2015 due to uncertain milk markets, Brian and Judith’s son Sam decided for the sake of its long-term future to take the farm in a different direction. At the age of 21, continuing to put the herd and sustainability first, Sam built a dairy at the farm and became the first in Britain to make skyr.

The journey to make Hesper’s skyr first started in Reykjavik where Sam met skyr-master and mentor Thorarinn. He taught Sam the ancient art of making skyr. It’s those techniques Sam and the small team at Hesper still use to make skyr as authentically as possible here in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s a lot of extra work but the results speak for themselves.

 One pot of skyr uses about four times the amount of milk as a standard pot of yoghurt, which is why it’s so high in protein and calcium. Not only that – it’s naturally fat-free. But not all skyr is created equal. We make ours using fresh milk from our champion, pedigree herd and original bio-live Icelandic skyr cultures, dating back to the year 874.

It's the ancient Icelandic techniques we use (and a lot of patience) that makes all Hesper’s skyr so naturally thick and creamy. Above and beyond all of that it tastes unbelievably good. So good it’s gold-star rated and multi-award-winning.