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Emmas Dale

Emmas Dale Fully Catered Experience Retreats in the Yorkshire Dales & Beyond

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Address: B6270, Richmond
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07752 830280

Emmas Dale


Emma has lived in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales for over 20 years. When she is not travelling the world on a mission for new ideas and cultural fulfilment, she is working & skiing winters in the French Alps and summers on luxury hotel barges. High end hospitality management and training is her forte. Emma wanted Emmas Dale to be an extension of herself and to provide chilled, travel vibed experiences with delicious food & fun activities.

Emmas Dale has been put together to encourage likeminded humans to come together to learn, to engage, to laugh and to be inspired. Her own inspiration comes from travel, meeting many people and the ambition to give other humans a unique and special memory.

Each experience retreat has been carefully put together with ideas that Emma would like to experience herself. They are fully catered making sure you are provided with everything you need to experience a relaxed and unique environment. Ensuring people come together and create great memories, gain new friends and learn something new is very important to them.



Emmas Dale experiences are a combination of learning new activities & skills, relaxing, meeting new people, eating delicious food and staying in unique accommodations & locations.

All experience breaks are fully catered and inclusive of all activities and accommodation, the new friends are an added extra…