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Address: Unit 2, Leyburn Business Park, Herriot Ct, Harmby Rd, Leyburn DL8 5QA, UK
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w3w: ///cowering.toddler.pigment A three word address provided by our friends at ///what3words.

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07930 373158


We are a small start-up business promoting and selling meat from regenerative farms and artisan producers in the Dales

Born from a determination to create meaningful change in our food system, beginning to end. From supporting ethical, small scale farming through to promoting the finest producers of sustainable artisan food, delivered to your door.

We farm in the unique, majestic Yorkshire Dales renowned for producing spectacular grass fed beef and lamb. Slow grown on rough diverse pastures and moorland edge; Time builds flavour and goodness into our food in a way nothing else can. Sustaining us without harming our planet.

The earth needs us to take stock. So do you.

eatTelfit. It's Time To Give Back.