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ArtisOn is a small, enthusiastic, not-for-profit team providing art and craft workshops in Masham at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

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Address: ArtisOn, High Burton, Masham
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01765 689637


Established in 2010, ArtisOn believes that more people should be able to share the experience of creating things – the thrill of working with your hands to fashion something; the satisfaction of having an idea, then learning the skills needed to make it real. They aim to provide what people want – a choice of the best quality customer and learning experiences possible, at the most affordable prices. 

The buzz of ArtisOn is its people, and new visitors are always very welcome. Try something new, challenging or specialist; create something to give as a gift, or just to take time out, treat yourself or meet up with friends. Whether you want new skills for pleasure, time out for you, or more serious artistic development, ArtisOn combines great teaching and uncompromising professionalism, a warm welcome, a fantastic location, lovely folk and of course a great lunch to ensure you have a great day and feel restored.