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Summer flower meadows of Muker in Swaledale. Wendy McDonnell Photography

Reeth – walks and things to do

Top tips for things to do in Reeth and the surrounding area

Top tips for things to do in Reeth and the surrounding area:

  • Download our popular free walking app with walks in Reeth and Swaledale as well as other parts of the National Park.
  • Meander through wildflower meadows in full bloom, taking in the iconic Swaledale ‘barns and walls’ farming landscape.
  • Cycle the 20km Swale Trail, the newest route for aspiring young mountain bikers and families who want to ride together.
  • Discover the area’s industrial past through the scattered remains of former mine workings, and visit the Swaledale Museum to find out about the harsh life minors and their families had.

Walks in Reeth and the surrounding area of Swaledale

Walk – Reeth Low Common

A short circular walk giving great views over this part of Swaledale.

  • Features: Low-level route (mostly valleys)
  • Location: Swaledale

Walk – Reeth and Healaugh

A short circular walk from Reeth to Healaugh in Swaledale, with a return along the riverside.

  • Features: Low level route (mostly valleys)
  • Location: Swaledale

Walk – Muker, Keld and the Corpse Way

A fantastic walk through upper Swaledale visiting villages, waterfalls and passing through the meadows that make the area famous.

  • Features: Low level route (mostly valleys)
  • Location: Swaledale

Open Access walk – Swaledale

A remote walk with fine views of Cumbria and Brockholes waterfalls.Features: High level route (visits fellsides)

  • Location: Swaledale

Swaledale audio trail

This audio trail covers upper Swaledale discovering the village of Muker and the River Swale. Beginning in Muker in Swaledale this audio trail takes you on a lovely riverside walk.  The valley is famous for its hay meadows but you will also discover some of the interesting historic buildings in the area, and the reason for the local walk known as the Corpse Way. You can download the audio here.

  • Location: Swaledale

Miles without stiles walks in and around Reeth

Walk – Grinton – a miles without stiles walk

Grinton is one of the 87 lead smelt mill sites known in the Yorkshire Dales. It is of national importance and is a scheduled monument.

This 750m route runs from the Grinton to Leyburn road to the remains of the smelt mill and back again. The track is a compact mix of aggregate and grass with a general width of 200cm. The track to the smelt mill has some gradients reaching 1:8. There is a small add on loop at the end of the route. This requires a shallow water crossing and a short, 60m, gradient of 1:6.

  • Features: Accessible route
  • Location: Swaledale

Walk – Ivelet Moor – a miles without stiles walk

An easy access walk with tremendous views of Swaledale.

This 11km route follows a well-surfaced track over the heather moorland. The route is at least 200cm wide with some short sections of gradients reaching 1:6.

Whilst walking, look out and listen for moorland birds including red grouse, meadow pipit, golden plover, curlew, lapwing and skylark.

  • Features: Accessible route
  • Location: Swaledale

Walk – Old Gang – a miles without stiles walk

An easy access walk close to Reeth which takes you to the remains of the Old Gang lead mine workings.

The smelt mill at Old Gang, in Arkengarthdale, was built in the early nineteenth century. A huge open-sided peat house, reputed to hold three years’ worth of fuel, was built nearby.

The first 3km of the route runs alongside Old Gang Beck to the remains of Old Gang Smelt Mill. The track to the smelt mill is at least 200cm wide and is surfaced with a well-compacted aggregate. The steepest gradient is a 1:10. From here the track becomes more undulating but the views along Swaledale are well worth it for those who like a challenge.

Whilst there, look out and listen for buzzard and raven in flight.

  • Features: Accessible route
  • Location: Swaledale

Want to find more inspiration?

Video of the Muker Hay Meadows walk