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Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Employee benefits statement

Pay and conditions


Depending on starting salary, officers receive an annual increase of one increment on the spinal column up to the maximum that the grade allows.

Salaries are normally subject to an annual ‘cost of living’ pay award, in line with that negotiated nationally by the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services.

Officers are paid monthly, on the last working day of the month, directly into their bank accounts.


Officers are automatically enrolled onto the Local Government Pension Scheme (the North Yorkshire Pension Fund), which is contributory. This is a Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) scheme.

Further details can be found at

Working hours

Normal working hours are 37 per week.

The standard working week is:
• 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday with one hour lunch break.
• 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday with one hour lunch break.

National Parks discount

Employees are entitled to a 20% discount off merchandise from the National Park Visitor Centres and the online shop

Everybody Benefits scheme

The Authority is a member of the North Yorkshire County Council scheme Everybody Benefits. This provides officers with a web-based service giving access to a range of salary-sacrifice benefits, the two main ones being a cycle to work scheme and childcare vouchers. The scheme also offers a range of discounts negotiated with a wide variety of retail and other outlets. Everybody Benefits scheme

Pool cars

Pool cars are available for officers to use on Authority business.

Employee well-being

Flexible working

The Authority operates a scheme of flexible working hours for all officers. This enables officers to be flexible about their start and end times etc subject to operational requirements. It also enables officers to build up flexi-time balances and then take up to 12 days flexi leave a year (maximum two per month).

The Authority also operates a Flexible Working Policy which enables all officers to apply for flexible working, such as shortened hours, job sharing, condensed working week etc.


Officers start with a minimum of 25 days (plus Public Holidays) with 1 additional day per each full year of service up to 5 years (that leads to 30 days in total after 5 years service).

The Authority’s offices are closed between Christmas and New Year, so 3 days annual leave are used at this time.

Health Assured – Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The Authority has an EAP with Health Assured, a service which intends to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and wellbeing.

Employee health

The Authority has an Attendance Management Policy and as part of this holds return to work meetings after every instance of ill health. There is the opportunity to access an Occupational Health Service if necessary: further details can be sought from HR.

The length of absence covered by sick pay depends upon length of service with a minimum of one month’s full pay and a maximum of 6 months full, 6 months half pay.

Time off work

There are various entitlements to leave (paid or unpaid) such as maternity, paternity, adoption, carer, compassionate and other special leave. In many cases the Authority grants leave in addition to that already covered by legislation or national agreement.


Free car parking is provided at all sites

Free tea, coffee and milk are provided at all premises.

Travel and related expenses

The Authority pays officers at the rate of 45p per mile for business mileage incurred in their own car, and adds 5p a mile for each business passenger carried. As an alternative to the usual hotel accommodation on business trips, the Authority will pay £40 per night where an officer stays with family or friends instead of using paid accommodation.

Employee development


The Authority is committed to ensuring that employees have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to contribute effectively to the work and development of the Authority. The Authority aims to provide training and development opportunities that support the delivery of high quality services, the achievement of the Authority’s objectives, and where possible, the achievement of individual’s personal goals. The mechanism for coordinating and managing this is the annual Appraisal process at which individual officers’, and then team, training needs are identified. Officers undertaking qualifications may also eligible for up to 5 days paid study leave and possibly full or partial financial support.

Induction/job shadowing

We encourage officers, particularly as part of their induction into the Authority, to join other officers to learn more about the work of the Park overall and the issues that other teams face.

Staff Development Days

Staff Development Days are held annually and provide all officers with the opportunity to learn more about particular projects taking place within the Park and to participate in fun activities with colleagues.

Society of National Park Staff (SNPS)

Officers have the opportunity to enjoy activities such as the Annual Conference and various field trips run by this national staff association. SNPS also provides access to training opportunities, travel grants etc. The Authority lends its support to the activities that take place.

Employee involvement


The Authority recognises UNISON as the Trade Union which it will consult with in all appropriate matters.

Joint Consultative Forum (JCF)

The JCF is held four times a year at which management and Unison representatives meet, discuss any relevant issues and facilitate the consultation process.

Last updated May 2014