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Hyperlinks Policy

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is not responsible for the content of sites linked to from our sites and no endorsement of any of the products or services contained on the sites is implied.

If you are interested in creating a reciprocal link on one or more of our websites, please read the policy and guidelines below:

Purpose of hyperlinks on this site

The purpose of adding links to this Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority website is to provide a manageable and meaningful selection of hyperlinks to further information for those interested in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, its surroundings, and the work, priorities and statutory purposes of the Authority.

Any hyperlinks to external websites we include on our websites should complement and add value to the work of the Authority, as well as help progress our aims.

Further information about our statutory purposes, priorities and work can be found in ‘About Us’ section.

The range of links provided in our sites aims to guide the user to a range of information including outdoor activities, the environment, countryside issues, heritage, sustainable tourism and transport, and our partners.

It is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of websites. We acknowledge some sites that are relevant to the National Park and the work of the Authority may not be listed. We believe that too many links would make the site unwieldy and unmanageable and are therefore selective in our choices.

We reserve the right not to create a web link at our discretion and without further explanation.

How to request a hyperlink on one of the National Park Authority’s websites

If you think that your company and/or organisation meets the guidelines outlined below and you would like to request that a link to your website is placed on one of the Authority’s sites, please complete our hyperlink request form and return it to the Authority’s Website Officer at:

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
Hebden Road
Skipton BD23 5LB

Guidelines for requesting a hyperlink


  • The subject matter of the site must be relevant and fit with Authority policies and priorities, and complement the National Park statutory purposes.
  • The hyperlink must enhance the value of our website to the potential user.
  • We will not normally link to any commercial organisation or group which could make commercial gain, with the exception of those which directly fit with our purposes and priorities.
  • We will not normally link to any individual’s websites.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to link to a site at our discretion and without further explanation.

Quality of content

  • Sites that we link to must contain content which is judged to be of substantial interest to our users, and of satisfactory quality in the opinion of the Authority.
  • The aim of the site should be clear.
  • Sites for which there are grounds for doubting the accuracy of the content will be excluded.
  • Sites should allow easy navigation by the user. Sites with unclear design may be excluded.

Terms and conditions for establishing a hyperlink

  • Acceptance or refusal of a request for a hyperlink on one of our websites is at our discretion. If a request is refused we are not required to provide a reason and no right of appeal is available.
  • We reserve the right to remove any hyperlink at any time if it is considered that the quality and integrity of our website has been or is in danger of being compromised in any way.
  • Where a request has been accepted we will expect a reciprocal arrangement with the inclusion of a hyperlink to our website within the applicant organisation’s own website.
  • The complete registration form, accompanied by a print out of the applicant organisation’s own home page, should be returned to Authority’s Website Officer at:

    Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
    Hebden Road
    Skipton BD23 5LB