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Summer meadow Credit: Tom Collier

Habitat Surveys

In 2010 the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority began a rolling programme of habitat surveys. For this purpose, the National Park was divided into ten distinct survey areas with the aim of surveying one area each year over the course of a decade.   

The programme of surveys aims to assess the extent and condition of habitats within the whole National Park.   The main focus has been on ‘Priority Habitats’* outside of SSSI** designations.  The results gathered from these surveys are amalgamated with condition assessments conducted by Natural England in SSSIs and reported periodically in ‘Trends and Status’ reports that summarise how wildlife is faring within the Park.

The reports from past habitat surveys are downloadable from this page below along with Trends and Status reports published in 2014, 2017 and 2022.       

The National Park Authority is grateful to all those landowners and tenants who have given permission for surveyors to access their land to conduct the surveys on which these reports are based.

Contact: 01756 751604

Survey Results

* ‘Priority Habitats’ are habitats that Government agencies have identified as being key to conserving the UK’s biodiversity.  The Yorkshire Dales contains significant proportions of the entire UK resource of some Priority Habitats such as Limestone Pavement, Hay Meadows, Blanket Bog and Upland Heathland. 

** SSSI = Site of Special Scientific Interest”