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Schools work experience

We are now in a position to offer a limited number of work experience placement opportunities for summer 2022.

We provide a variety of work experience placements for year 10 -11 and post -16 students from schools and colleges. We currently have opportunities in our Ranger Service and Access and Engagement, however, if you are interested in a placement in another area of our work please do get in touch.

Places will be allocated according to suitability.

The student must be able to make their own arrangements for transportation to and from the site where the placement is based. These may vary according to the placement applied for.

How long are placements?

Placements are usually for one or two weeks only. Unfortunately we are not able to provide school students with long-term, one or two day per week vocational placements.

Are they accredited?

All placements are accredited by the North Yorkshire Business & Education Partnership (NYBEP) or the Cumbria Business & Education Consortium (CBEC).

How can I book a placement?

Placement ‘bookings’ can only be accepted from the staff who have responsibility for work experience at the schools and colleges with which we work.

If you are a student or parent interested in organising a work experience placement with us, please talk to the appropriate member of staff at your school or college.

The deadline for applications is Friday 18th March 2022.

I am a member of staff. Who should I contact?

For more details, please contact