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Volunteering with the RSPB at Malham Cove viewing point

Other places to volunteer

Many different people want to help look after the Yorkshire Dales National Park. And they do it all for free! They volunteer their spare time to a whole variety of organisations like the RSPB, the National Trust, village museums, local wildlife projects and mountain rescue groups.

Along with our very own Dales Volunteers, they contribute thousands of hours of important work to the National Park, its residents and its visitors.

Organisations you could help

If you live near enough, you might like to consider becoming a volunteer for one of the organisations based in or near the National Park. Here are organisations and venues happy to work with volunteers:

Can’t volunteer – why not donate?

If you can’t join a group or don’t have the time, then why not contribute to one of the schemes or charities that support the National Park?

Friends of the Three Peaks

Our Friends of the Three Peaks scheme raises money that goes directly toward improving access in this iconic part of the National Park.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is a charity that raises hundreds of thousands of pounds every year for conservation and access projects in the area.

The National Trust

The National Trust look after important landscapes around Malham Tarn and in Upper Wharfedale.