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Bluebells in the woods by Paul Harris

Managing existing woodlands

Woodlands help to define the landscape of an area as well as being the home to some of the most diverse and irreplaceable habitats and species. Encouraging positive management of existing woodlands is an important part of our work.

Positive management might involve expanding ancient semi-natural woodlands, transitioning a plantation on ancient woodland site (PAWS) back to native broad leaf, thinning and removing invasive species, ensuring natural regeneration can succeed by excluding stock, carrying out enrichment planting where more diversity is considered beneficial, and maintaining open spaces and woodland edges. We want to help landowners improve the resilience and viability of their woodlands and, where possible, connect and expand woodlands in areas where there is the greatest benefit to do so.

We work closely with the Forestry Commission to find grants and provide advice for landowners. Our main work involves surveying sites, providing advice, drafting UK Forestry Standard compliant management plans, and obtaining grants to undertake the work.

Woodland planning grants are available from the Forestry Commission. Landowners currently need an approved UK Forestry Standard compliant management plan in order to access Countryside Stewardship funding for capital items and annual management payments for existing woodland.

Contact us about eligibility for applying for a woodland planning grant or advice about managing existing woodland.