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Drumlins in Wensleydale Copyright Wendy McDonnell

Yorkshire Dales National Park Tourism Partnership

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Tourism Partnership brings together the local authorities and Destination Management Organisations involved in delivery of tourism, to help good cross-boundary working with neighbouring areas (where a boundary is shared with the National Park); the following are also invited to be represented:

The secretariat is provided by the Authority. The chair of the group is the Authority’s Promoting Understanding Member Champion. The Authority may at any time invite any other organisation, not listed above, to participate in the Group.

The Group will proceed by consensus, or if there are differing views these will be recorded in the notes of the meeting. Since the Group does not take decisions, voting mechanisms are not necessary.

The Group normally meets twice a year in May and early October, to learn from the previous year’s promotion and to plan ahead for the coming year. Additional meetings could be organised, if necessary.

The Authority reserves the right to disband the group, at any time, for operational or legal reasons. Any organisation may withdraw from the Group by giving written notice. Expected outcomes Organisations represented on the Group will use their best endeavours to ensure that:

  • Information of mutual interest is shared in a timely manner.
  • Tourism promotion across the Yorkshire Dales National Park area is better coordinated to add value and avoid duplication.
  • Opportunities for collaborative working and joint initiatives are identified and developed.

For details of meeting agendas and minutes of previous meetings, please contact us or email