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Hardraw Force, Wensleydale Copyright Paul Harris

Tourism facts and figures

We commission surveys and collate survey data from different sources. These help us identify what is happening to access, recreation, diversity, visitor management and sustainable tourism in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Yorkshire Dales National Park visitor survey 2020

Visitor surveys conducted over the 2020 summer months show a change demographics and gives insight into the perceptions of our visitors.

During this period data indicates visitors came mainly from urban areas on the edge of the National Park. We have noticed a rise in the number first time visitors with 20% saying their first ever visit to the Dales was in 2020 (14% in 2017). It has also shown an increase in younger people, and people from different ethnic backgrounds visiting.

2020 Visitor Survey – full report

Trends in tourism in the Yorkshire Dales 2019

Monitoring of trends in visitor numbers and the amount they spend is carried out annually using the Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor (STEAM) model.

In 2019, the Yorkshire Dales National Park received a total of 4.7 million visitors, This was made up from 4.2 million day visitors and 0.7 million overnight visitors.

These visitors contributed £374 million to the local economy and provided employment for around 4,400 full time equivalent (FTE) posts.

Compared to 2018 this showed an increase of 4% in Visitor Numbers, and 6.1% in tourism revenue.

Here you can find a summary of the final trend Steam report with the key facts.

Yorkshire Dales National Park visitor survey 2017

During 2017 we surveyed more than 600 visitors to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. We wanted to find out the demographic profile and satisfaction of visitors to the National Park, as well as how they plan their trip. For the first time this includes sites in the extension area.

Tour de France Business Survey 2014

During 2014 over 150 businesses completed this survey to help us found out the impact the Tour De France had on businesses in the area.

2014 Tour De France Business Report

Dales Tourism business survey 2012

During 2012, we asked 132 businesses of varying size and geographical location their views and opinions. As the first survey of this type we can’t compare the information to any previous findings. It does, however, form a base for future actions.

2012 Yorkshire Dales Business Survey report

If you require any more information please contact the Tourism team.