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Hetton Common

Upland footpaths and bridleways often need different techniques to maintain them. One method that we use is called subsoiling. On the uphill side of the route the turf is removed and put to one side. The subsoil is then removed from this area to make a ditch running alongside the path. The subsoil is deposited and levelled along the line of the path to raise it up slightly and create a hardwearing base. The turf is then used to re-line the ditch, which prevents erosion and minimises the visual impact. Finally, aggregate is layed along the top of the subsoil path to make it more even to walk on and so that it lasts longer. This particular example of a subsoil path restored over over one kilometre of bridleway. Because of the remote location on the moors, the aggregate had to be delivered and dropped directly onto the path using a helicopter.