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Hawes Riverside Path

One of the most popular public rights of way in the second biggest town in the Yorkshire Dales National Park has been restored. 

A 70 metre section of path by the River Ure close to Hawes had become badly eroded.

The Northern Area ranger team have spent a week working with Dales Volunteers to re-landscape the riverbank and lay reclaimed Yorkstone paving flags. 

Landowner assistance meant that materials could be taken to site with a tracked dumper. 

Member Champion for Recreation Management at the National Park Authority, Nick Cotton, said:  “The riverside path to the north of Hawes is very special, because public rights of way along the Upper Ure are very limited.  The willow spiling next to the repaired 70 metre section was planted in 2002, and is maintained annually.  The path is looking beautiful and our ranger team has been receiving positive comments from locals.”

Path after flagging has been laid.