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St Peters church at Great Asby St Peters church at Great Asby

Local Planning Policy (Eden)

Eden District

Local planning policy for the part of the National Park within Eden District is set out in the following documents:

The Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan (2012) forms part of the adopted development plan for the parishes of Mallerstang, Kirkby Stephen, Crosby Garrett, Nateby, Ravenstonedale, Soulby, Musgrave, Waitby and Wharton within the National Park.

A Neighbourhood Development Order has been made in respect of Carr House, Mallerstang.  It permits the lawful reoccupation and extension of Carr House, Mallerstang as an off-grid holiday letting business (limited to seven years) and then a dwelling for local occupancy.

Neighbourhood Planning Areas have also been designated in Asby, Crosby Ravensworth and Tebay but a Neighbourhood Plan has not yet been prepared for them.

There are a number of Supplementary Planning Documents and other planning guidance documents that apply in Eden District: