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New housing at Embsay Stephen Garnett Photography

Consultation No. 6 – ‘Land for Housing Development’

A summary of the responses to Consultation No.6 can be viewed here. (Opens as a pdf document)

The date for responding to this consultation is now closed.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is preparing a new Local Plan to cover the development period 2023 – 2040. To date, five different consultations have taken place to help determine what issues the Local Plan needs to address and how it should address them.

This current consultation is seeking views on possible sites for future housing development. The new Local Plan includes a target to deliver 50 new homes every year between 2023-2040 (850 in total). Evidence shows that this level of housing growth is needed to address the trends towards a shrinking population and a significant contraction in younger age groups living in the National Park. These trends would have a range of negative impacts, for example, on local services (e.g. schools, demands on health and care services) and the economy (e.g. the ability of local businesses to find labour).

A modest level of housing growth is needed to provide a range of new affordable and market homes which will help to stabilise the population and meet local housing need. For this development to take place a sufficient supply of housing land will need to made available. It is the role of the Local Plan to identify and help facilitate the development of this land.

This current consultation is therefore seeking views on:

  • The sites to be allocated for housing development in the new Local Plan,
  • The location of housing development boundaries around towns and villages, and, linked to this;
  • The areas of important open spaces within towns and villages which should be protected from development.

Further background information and details of the potential development sites and boundaries can be found in this consultation paper.

The paper includes 4 consultation questions which we would like to hear your views on:

  1. Are the potential housing development sites that have been identified appropriate for development? If not, why not?
  2. Are there any alternative sites that should be considered for housing development?
  3. Are the housing development boundaries shown on the accompanying maps appropriate? If not, what changes are needed and why?
  4. Are the important open spaces identified on the accompanying maps appropriate? If not, what changes are needed and why?

The consultation paper is accompanied by: