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Affordable housing at Garrs End Lane, Grassington - Credit: Stephen Garnett Photography

Consultation No.3 – Exploring our options – ‘Building new homes’

This consultation is about where development, particularly housing development, should go. We would like to hear your views about where building should take place. Waiting until the planning application stage to make your views known is often too late to influence the principle of developing land, so please get involved now.

The local plan process will involve making some difficult decisions. We fully understand that development can be contentious, but the Local Plan needs to do all it can to meet the needs of the area. We want to make sure that we are planning for the right amount of development in the right places, while at the same time protecting what is most important. This consultation is the start of a process that will ensure the decisions we take are as consistent and transparent as possible.

How to respond to this consultation

There are 30 consultation questions embedded in Parts 1 and 2 of this consultation document and you can submit your answers and comments using the response form, by e-mail or by post.

Part 2 is accompanied by maps to help you identify development capacity in your town or village. These are listed in alphabetical order at the bottom of this webpage, along with a map key. Click on any map to view, download and add any annotations either digitally or by hand.

Part 2 also introduces the ‘Call for Sites’ process and you can nominate sites for development using the Call for Sites form.

We invite you to send your response to us by e-mail to or by post to FREEPOST Yorkshire Dales.

Alternatively you can also leave us a voicemail message by calling 01969 652334 and a member of the Planning Policy team will get back to you.

The deadline for responses is Friday 26th February 2021.

Settlement maps

Map key

Hyperlinks to maps arranged A-Z.