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Local Plans

Local Plan 2023-40

Latest News – December 2021

There have now been four public consultations on the new Local Plan. Consultation No.4 – Exploring our options: Local occupancy and barns closed in September and later this month Members will be making decisions on this important part of housing strategy at a Full Authority Meeting.

A major public consultation on Local Plan Preferred Options will take place in 2022.

Officers are currently considering the list of potential housing sites submitted in response to the Call for Sites earlier this year. Once a short list is available it will be published online and everyone who submitted sites will be contacted.

We’re reaching out to young people for their views on what the National Park should look like by 2040. In particular, we’re keen to hear the voices of 15-30 year olds who live in or around the National Park.

What is a Local Plan?

The new Local Plan will set out the policies that will guide what development can and can’t take place in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It’s a spatial planning document, which means that it looks at the ‘big picture’, considering what kind of development Dales communities will need in the future and how best to protect the National Park’s special qualities.

It will be formed of:

  • a written statement containing priorities and policies
  • proposals maps to show what effect these policies have on the ground
  • maps showing which sites have been allocated for development.

Planning application decisions are based on our Local Plan so it is vital that the Local Plan is succinct, up-to-date and provides a positive vision for the future of the National Park.

Why do we need a new one?

The Yorkshire Dales National Park needs a new Local Plan because:

  • in 2016 the National Park expanded by nearly a quarter and a single Plan is needed to cover the entire area
  • planning policy needs to tie in with the long term vision and ambitions for the National Park contained in the Management Plan 2019-2024.

When will it be finished?

The new Local Plan will cover the period 2023 to 2040. The process for creating the new Local Plan is scheduled to take place between 2019 and 2023.

Until the new Local Plan is adopted, the Local Plans for the ‘old’ National Park area’, South Lakeland area, Eden area and Lancaster area will remain in force.

Who writes the Local Plan?

The National Park Authority is responsible for preparing the new Local Plan and will oversee its delivery. Decisions about policies will be taken by Authority Members at full Authority Meetings.

You can contact us at or by calling 01969 652300.

We’ll also be working with neighbouring authorities on those policies which could have an impact beyond our borders. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority functions as the planning authority for the parts of the five districts that lie within the National Park boundary, so our Duty to Cooperate is slightly more complex than the average local authority. As the new Local Plan develops, we’ll be publishing Statements of Common Ground to show how we’re working with our neighbours and how our planning documents relate to one another. 

How will the Local Plan take shape?

The Plan stages are set out in the Local Development Scheme using the standard Plan-making terminology, but to demystify the process we’ve used some more descriptive titles on the Local Plan process page.

How do I get involved?

The first consultation stage runs between December 2019 and February 2020, and you can find out how to take part by visiting the Local Plan Consultation page.

The quick guide for when and how to take part in the Local Plan process is here.

Keep an eye on local press, our website, our publications and our social media channels for updates on upcoming consultations.

Contact us:

Telephone: 01969 652300


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