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Parish Councils and Forum Meetings

The Authority recognises the value of a strong relationship with parish councils – the most local democratic representation of opinion – in order to achieve the objectives set out in the National Park Management Plan. 

This part of the website is dedicated to supporting and engaging with parish councils.

Parish Forums

We have regular Parish Forum meetings for all parishes wholly or partially within the National Park, with the parishes divided into 3 areas.  One Forum is for the parishes in the north of the National Park, one for the parishes in the south and one for the parishes in the west. The Forums encourage a two-way discussion about any and all National Park issues relevant to parish councils.  Two meetings of each Forum per year are currently being held, in the spring and autumn. Meetings are chaired by the four parish-appointed Members of the Authority, and agendas are agreed in advance to include items requested by the parish councils.

Parishes are encouraged to take the opportunity at these forums to share innovative ideas/activities/projects that parishes have done – so that others can learn from them. A slot on the agenda will be available for a Parish Council or other local representative to give a presentation.

The next round of Forum meetings will take place in Spring 2020. Dates and venues are listed below. All meetings are from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.


  • WESTERN – Wednesday 13th May 2020, Barbon Village Hall
  • SOUTHERN – Tuesday 19th May 2020, Ingleborough Community Centre, Ingleton
  • NORTHERN – Wednesday 20th May 2020, Fremington Village Hall

Notes, presentations and briefings can be found on the Parish Forum notes and briefings page.

If you would like to ask a question, written notice of the question should be submitted to the Chief Executive, no later than two days prior to the meeting. Questions should not relate to “individual circumstances”, these should be taken up directly with the relevant National Park staff. Please use this form to submit a question. (Please note: this facility is only available prior to a meeting, once the meeting date has been set.)

Our Parish Appointed Members

The membership of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is set out in legislation (Environment Act 1995). Of the 25 members, four are appointed by the Secretary of State to represent the parishes in the National Park. Those parish members are: 

  • Chris Clark
  • Allen Kirkbride
  • Ian McPherson
  • Neil Heseltine

More details about the parish members can be found here.

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Parish Member’ you can find out more by visiting our ‘How to become a Member’ page and by contacting the Committees Officer on 01969 652364.