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The Long View Hay Meadows at Muker in Summer. Credit: Andy Kay

Live in the Dales

Many of us dream of moving to the countryside to escape the hustle, bustle and stress that comes from living in busy towns and cities. And for many, that’s just what it is, a dream. Fewer actually take the plunge and make it happen.

For those that have, and for those who have taken the plunge and moved to the Yorkshire Dales, the experience has been life changing:

Kia & Peter moved to the Yorkshire Dales from London to run their outdoor travel blog ‘Atlas & Boots’. “The flats we had in London cost more than this house, were half the size, and had views over the bins and the A12. We live in a 300-year-old cottage that is listed and our street is literally cobbled. We have no complaints” 

Rachel moved from County Durham to be with her boyfriend Sam, and together they are setting up an artisan cheese business. “I can’t find enough words to describe the change that’s happened in my life since I moved. I wasn’t happy in County Durham. I didn’t particularly enjoy busy towns, and since I moved here doors have suddenly opened and I’ve gone from being quite frustrated to suddenly having to pinch myself and say oh my god I live here”

Susan Briggs works with tourism businesses in the Yorkshire Dales to show visitors the best of this special landscape, and with funding from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Sustainable Development Fund, wrote about her decision to move from the City to the Yorkshire Dales, and the positive impact that has had on her life. She also wrote the excellent Yorkshire Dales Guide to Health & Happiness which showcases the positive mental health aspects of living and working in the Yorkshire Dales. 

Credit: Stephen Garnett

Making It Happen

We have gathered together stories, hints and tips from people who have all chosen to live and work in the Yorkshire Dales to help you decide whether this could be something for you. We’ve also pulled together a couple of external resources you’ll also want to explore including:

Great Places Lakes & Dales – A pilot project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England which aims to increase the number of 16-34s living and working in Craven and South Lakeland. Great Places Lakes & Dales features inspirational young people telling their stories about how much they love living and working in the Yorkshire Dales, and how they are making a difference in some of the creative industries here.

Dales Discoveries – An insiders’ guide to the Yorkshire Dales created by Susan Briggs of the Tourism Network in Masham. It’s an independent site featuring genuine recommendations from people who live in and love the Yorkshire Dales. It’s packed with useful tips on moving to, living in, and working in the Yorkshire Dales with additional case studies and stories from people who’ve done it.  

Credit: Stephen Garnett

In this Section

Promoting the National Park as a place to live for younger, working age households (18-44 years) to help halt the decline in their numbers is one of the objectives agreed by the Authority and a wide range of local partner organisations in the National Park Management Plan 2019-24.