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Summit for nothing walk, Grassington (2)

Summit 4 nothing

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a landscape for everyone, and Summit for Nothing is an activity programme for adults who might not otherwise have the opportunity to do a hill walk or run (tailored to their ability) in the National Park. The Due North team, with support from Yorkshire Dales National Park volunteers, led walks in Grassington, Malham, Ribblesdale and Wharfedale.

The project ran for two years (2021 and 2022) in partnership with a local outdoor activity provider Due North Events. It aimed to support 150 people each year to be active in the Yorkshire Dales through walking or running towards a Trig Point.

The project focussed on reaching or walking towards a Trig Point to add an element of challenge and in some cases accomplishment when reaching the summit.

Summit for Nothing connected adults from our underserved groups and most impacted by COVID to nature by providing walking and running opportunities in the National Park to benefit their health and well-being and inspire them to take positive action to conserve the National Park.

Many of the participants continue to access the walks and runs offered by Due North Events in the Yorkshire Dales. Many of them also visit alone or in self-led groups with the new skills they developed after taking part in the project.

In 2022, the project was very thankful to for donating £1000.00 towards transport to support groups to take part in this project.

One participant wrote some lovely feedback:

“I would like to personally thank you (Due North Events) for leading the walks on the summit for nothing programme and making it a safe environment.

Attending the walks and meeting different people has helped with my physical and psychological well-being. Prior to attending, I was nervous and anxious. I am from a South Asian background and hiking is a new concept for me and some other people from the same background. Prior to attending, I was very naive to what was involved in walking such as the equipment required and the reason they were required. Also being safe whilst walking and the etiquette of maintaining the environment and the paths and not leaving rubbish lying around. As this will impact on the ecosystem.

Summit for nothing has truly provided me with the knowledge and skills to continue hiking and meet other like-minded people. The environment that has been created by Mel and her team is a safe space. They are culturally aware as they ensure that they stopped for prayer time. As a Muslim woman that was fantastic as I was nervous about not being able to pray whilst walking. This was an extra step that Mel and the team ensure that everyone was included and not excluded. This project should continue as it is invaluable.”