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Broadrake Dark Skies Residential

Supported residentials

Waking up in a beautiful landscape after a night under the stars with like-minded people is exhilarating, relaxing, and inspiring. We run residentials that give people the opportunity to step out of their everyday lives and experience the joys of a real break in our amazing places.

Our residentials are usually run as part of a particular project and will be designed to meet project outcomes and work with specific groups. Currently, we are offering a small number of residential as part of our Dark Skies programme for adults and family groups and ‘Our Common Cause’ for young people

Dark Skies residential at Malham

The type of accommodation and activities, the costs we can cover and the length of stay depends on the project funding we have at the time. To see what residential opportunities we have, take a look at our Education and learning news and contact page.