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Hay meadows near the upland village of Hawes

Wensleydale Project

Wensleydale supports a wide variety of habitats including woodlands, meadows, grassland and a SSSI upland lime-rich lake (one of only 2 in the Yorkshire Dales) with associated wetlands. It is a dale full of character and a wealth of historic records from many different periods which help us to piece together the development of the dale through to its current form.

This catchment scale landscape project was formed following an idea from local naturalist Deborah Millward. We are working in partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and the Wensleydale community, aiming to

  • Support a thriving farming sector which demonstrates exemplary water and soil management
  • Provide a haven for a wide variety of wildlife, with a strong network of well connected habitats
  • Have healthier, cleaner rivers which provide drainage, manage flood risk and support more wildlife
  • Conserve and showcase our fascinating historic landscape, and provide opportunities to celebrate its hill farming traditions

Following consultation with the Wensleydale community in 2016, a catchment strategy has been developed which states a vision ‘to transform the environment of Wensleydale and its tributary dales for the benefit of people and nature’.  

The strategy contains a series of themes, each with aims, objectives and importantly, actions that will be undertaken over the next 5 years in order to attain the vision. The themes are:

  • Soils and sustainable farming
  • Space for nature
  • Water
  • Historic Environment
  • Enjoying Wensleydale

For more information on the project please go to the Wensleydale Project website.

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