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Haytime at Muker Credit: Stephen Garnett


Farming in the uplands is challenging, both physically and economically. The management of the Yorkshire Dales National Park by farmers and landowners is intrinsically important to the landscape’s conservation and to protect some of Britain’s rarest habitats and species. Farms are important rural businesses and employers and are vital to rural society.

CS and ELMs update meetings

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Covid-19 Support

The Farmer Network has received funding from the Cumbria Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund and from the Prince’s Countryside Fund to support farmers in Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales during the Covid-19 crisis.  This includes providing information about support schemes, sourcing supplies, preparing contingency plans and finding emergency labour and this flier provides more details. 

We are urging all farmers to create an emergency contingency plan in case they or key workers are unavailable due to illness or self-isolation and we can help them complete this plan if required.  We have also created a Farm Labour Emergency Support scheme to help farm businesses secure the services of emergency workers to undertake essential farm tasks, or support with deliveries/collections.  We have created a register of potential workers and want to hear from those able to offer their labour and from farmers who might need this help – See The Farmer Network Covid-19 Information & Support page for more details. 

How the National Park Authority can help you

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority provides help and assistance on the grants and schemes available to farmers and landowners in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. We aim to:

  • Enhance the environmental qualities of the Yorkshire Dales National Park by working with farmers, landowners and key partners to secure good conservation management.
  • Work with key partners to advise on, and signpost farmers to, the full range of rural development funding.
  • Provide local farm businesses with advice and assistance to help with applying for grants and schemes.

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