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Planning Committee

Need to know

Lifesize Virtual Meeting Room

Tuesday 14 July, 2020, at 1:00 pm

VENUE: Lifesize Virtual Committee Room

The planning committee meeting was live-streamed via our website to enable members of the public to watch and listen. There was a technical error in the live-streaming during this meeting, for which we apologise. The meeting had to be adjourned until this was remedied. The recording of the meeting is now available to watch in two parts.

To watch part 1 (agenda items 1 to 8), please click on this link:

To watch part 2 (agenda items 9 & 10 - which includes the four planning applications before the Committee), please click on this link (there are a few minutes at the start which record part of the adjournment, before the meeting re-commenced):

Please see our guides Public participation at Planning Committee meetings and Remote Committee Meetings - Guide for Registered Speakers, which have been updated for virtual meetings.

Membership: John Amsden, Richard Foster, Kevin Frea, Richard Good, Neil Heseltine, Robert Heseltine, Julie Hutton, David Ireton, Allen Kirkbride, Sandy Lancaster, Julie Martin, Ian McPherson, Jim Munday, Stuart Parsons, Gillian Quinn, Neil Swain, Cosima Towneley

Papers for this meeting are available below:

If you have any queries about the availability of the papers, please email