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Feature of the Season project

Feature of the Season (FoS) is a project to enhance our understanding of historic features within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

It aims to find un-recorded historic features ranging such as unusual gate posts and turbary stones. We record them on web-based datasheets and they are included in the National Park Authority's Historic Environment Record (HER). Investigating and keeping records of the historic features in the Dales helps us to conserve and protect them for the future.

Who finds the features?

The Dales Volunteers are essential to the project. These volunteers locate and record the historic features. They do this by either looking out for features in the course of their other duties or carrying out a dedicated search. Others help with the day to day running of the project, undertaking administrative tasks such as co-ordinating field visits, collating records and photographs and updating the datasheets.

What is on the datasheets?

These simple web-based spreadsheets can be read by many people at once. Each feature is assigned a unique number within the HER. Information recorded includes:

  • location (both a general description and a more accurate grid reference - preferably provided by a GPS receiver)
  • approximate dimensions
  • materials used in the construction
  • the condition
  • the names of the surveyors and the date on which the feature was recorded.


We also maintain image galleries of the features, sorted by HER number. In some cases it is useful to have several images of the features to show them from different angles.

To see the images, choose from one of the historic features

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If you would like more information or have any questions about the Feature of the Season project, please email the Historic Environment team at

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