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We need your help! The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is a public sector body which means we are primarily funded by a Government grant but by 2020 this will only provide 60% of the budget to maintain what we do now. We are doing all we can to find alternative funding sources to keep services going and we are looking for the support of business and the public in these initiatives.

Rather than ask for general donations we will identify specific projects that need your support so you will always know where your money is going. Currently you can choose to support the repair and maintenance of well-loved footpaths in the Three Peaks or help our work in providing red squirrels with the best habitat.

We are very grateful to have recently received a donation of £50,000 in memory of Mr Stephen Skomp. This money will be used across a number of projects to improve accessibility for all to the National Park.

We would be equally grateful to receive your donation, large or small, and you can be sure it will be put to work to the benefit of the Park.

Donate to the Three Peaks

Maintaining the paths in the Three Peaks area costs on average £28 per metre. We rely on donations to make sure this vital work can continue.

If you have enjoyed walking in the Three Peaks and want to ensure future generations can too, then perhaps you could give us a little help. All donations will go directly to looking after the path network in the Three Peaks area.

Other ways to help

  • Plan your trip here using the Three Peaks app

  • Park in a National Park car park at Horton or Clapham where your fee will help our work

  • Celebrate conquering one or more of the peaks by buying special branded gifts from our online shop

  • Join the Friends of the Three Peaks to donate and gain access to practical volunteering opportunities

  • Recycle old printer cartridges and mobile phones with Recycle4Charity, choosing the Friends of the Three Peaks as your beneficiary. We receive 50% of the recycling value for any mobile phones, £1 for each original empty inkjet cartridge or up to £5 per empty laser/toner cartridge donated

  • Walking the Three Peaks as part of a charity fundraiser? Please give a donation to our project. We know you want to raise as much as possible for your chosen charity but giving a small part back means a great path network for the future.

Save the Red Squirrels

Red squirrel numbers declined dramatically following the introduction of the grey squirrel from the United States in the nineteenth century. The red squirrel continues to be on the UK list of priority species for biodiversity action.

There are only about 15,000 red squirrels in England. Snaizeholme in Widdale is now one of 17 refuges that are on the ‘front line’ between the reds and greys. Our red squirrel conservation programme, here, includes monitoring squirrel numbers, providing habitat and working to prevent the ingress of the non-native grey squirrels.

If you would like to show your support for the plight of the red squirrels please consider a small donation. We guarantee that 100% of the money you donate will go towards red squirrel conservation within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

For more information on other ways to support our red squirrels please visit our section on Supporting Wildlife Conservation