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Sustainable Development Fund

We are using the Sustainable Development Fund, New Homes Bonus and other funding sources to support at least 20 new projects each year that bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the National Park.

How many projects have been funded so far?

The YDNPA's Sustainable Development Fund is now in its 15th year of operation and has given out £2.67 million to support 336 projects. 

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Find out more about how we are helping community groups, businesses and individuals through the Sustainable Development Fund and the New Homes Bonus.

Funding for projects

Our Sustainable Development Fund can help individuals and businesses

Help for farmers

From grants to stewardships, we can help

Planning policy

Find out about current planning policies and future reviews.

Trees and Woodland

Get advice from our Trees and Woodland team

Parish Wildlife Project

Find out more about the Parish Wildlife Project

Support for businesses

Find out about the range of support available for tourism businesses from the National Park Authority