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Life & Tradition exhibition

Life & Tradition exhibition

Thursday 12 April, 2018, by Karen Griffiths

We mentioned the 50th anniversary reissue of Marie Hartley & Joan Ingilby’s book ‘Life & Tradition in the Yorkshire Dales’ in our last blog post. We got the chance to have a look round the accompanying exhibition at the Dales Countryside Museum yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed seeing their handwritten notes and sketches about dairying in the National Park.

There were also examples of the dairying artefacts that they collected themselves and later donated to the Dales Countryside Museum. We particularly liked the pottery stand churn for making butter.
An image of three old butter churns as seen on display at the Dales Countryside Museum
The exhibition runs until 3 July 2018 and is well worth a visit. Find out more details on the Dales Countryside Museum website

Picture of Karen Griffiths

Karen Griffiths

Interpretation Officer for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


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  1. Janet Reagan (nee Metcalfe) says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the young girl with the donkey in the photo is my Mum. Jane (AKA Jenny) Metcalfe rom Fosse Cottage, Thornton Rust.
    She is 91 years now and still managing to live at home. She has some very old butter making equipment that they used, that I am sure she would loan for the purpose of the exhibition if you are interested. I’m sure there’s some old stories to go with it too. She’s a private person however and may not want any personal reference.

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