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The field on the edge of Sedbergh where new affordable homes are planned.

Largest town to get larger: new homes for Sedbergh

Tuesday 15 June, 2021, by News Release

Planning Committee today voted to approve plans for 34 affordable new homes in Sedbergh, in the county of Cumbria, as part of a housing association-led development of 49 homes.

Family dwellings with three bedrooms, garden and parking space are a feature of the plans. The homes, to be heated by air source pumps, will be built on the west side of the town off Station Road in a large field part-allocated for housing in the Local Plan.

The committee granted planning permission subject to a legal agreement on the number of affordable units being built and a set of ‘local connection criteria’ for the new owners or tenants.

It means that the largest town in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Sedbergh, will get larger, with the new dwellings built in a simple vernacular style and made up of detached, semi-detached, terrace and bungalows, as detailed in the planning officer’s report on the Broadacres Housing Association and South Lakes Housing Association scheme. 

Jim Munday, the Member Champion for Development Management at the National Park Authority, said: “We have agreed with local people and partner organisations that we should be supporting the completion of 400 dwellings between 2018 and 2024. Meeting this target is proving challenging for a variety of reasons, but large schemes such as the one approved today for Sedbergh will make a big contribution.  The Yorkshire Dales is a popular place with high house prices. We need to ensure there is a supply of affordable housing for people who want to live and work here, so a further 34 rented and shared ownership homes for people with local connections is most welcome.”

The meeting was held in person at Grassington Town Hall this afternoon.  It was the first time the Planning Committee had met in person since 10 March 2020, with a total of 10 meetings having taken place online owing to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Planning Committee also made a decision on an application from Tarmac Aggregates Ltd to extend the working life of Dry Rigg Quarry in Helwith Bridge in Horton-in-Ribblesdale.  It voted to grant planning permission.

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6 Replies to “Largest town to get larger: new homes for Sedbergh”

  1. Diane Horner says:

    Fabulous news .. for Sedbergh !! What about the honey pot towns and villages in the Yorkshire Dales like Hawes where more and more visitors are being encouraged to visit but the businesses are on their knees trying to cope because they can’t find staff to service the businesses. It’s a major problem in the Dales and is getting worse. There are many people who would love to live and work in the Dales so get more houses built before the services start to crumble under the strain … or provide transport from Catterick Richmond etc at times compatible with the requirements of the cafes pubs and hotels .

  2. G says:

    Amazing…49 homes on green field in Sedbergh.
    We cannot get YDP planning permission to covert our small old stable in Sedbergh to occupancy.
    Go figure.

  3. Sarah Hart says:

    Hi Diane,

    Please get in touch with the North Yorkshire and East Riding Community Led Housing Hub. We would love to have an initial chat with you about how we can enable the community to find housing solutions. Please get in touch, we also have some funding that can help with any initial ideas. This is a problem not only in the Yorkshire Dales but across the region. We are here to support communities keep their communities sustainable, and community led housing has an important role in delivering much needed affordable homes. I can be contacted at

  4. Anne Johnson says:

    Hi, my Mother-in-Law lives in a rental home in Sedbergh. The rental is likely to end in the very near future, she is very settled in the town and would love to stay there as her daughter is in Kendal and she has made friends there. After losing her husband, Sedbergh feels like her home. We are having trouble finding something suitable… well, the massive lack of rentals is a big problem. Could you help me with any information? When are the new houses due to be built? She needs somewhere with a walk in shower… and a garden… but small is fine. I realise the lack of rental homes is a massive national problem. Could you help in any way? I look forward to your response.
    Kind Regards, Anne Johnson.

    • Comms Team says:

      Hello Anne. We’re sorry to hear about this. I’m not sure when the houses will be ready and who will be eligible but I will find out for you from our planning team as soon as possible. Otherwise, I would suggest contacting the local council who deals with housing. The National Park manages planning but we don’t manage housing I’m afraid. I’ll see what I can find out and come back to you though. Many thanks, Wendy (Communications Team)

  5. Joseph Robert Stephenson says:

    Why do we have the local occupancy rule in sedbergh when Kendal do not can understand some restrictions but not all would not have brought our house knowing what we can not do with doing things to the property that we would like to do then people move in to 48 and do things we are told we can not do making parking and who paid for their alterations been told council paid if that is so I am disgusted

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