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Crina Bottom Kiosk Timber kiosk at the bottom of a garden at Crina Bottom

Ingleborough Snack Kiosk Approved

Tuesday 17 May, 2022, by News Release

A planning application for an existing 2×2-metre timber kiosk to be used to sell snacks to walkers on Ingleborough has been approved by Members of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Planning Committee today.   

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Chair, Neil Heseltine said:

“We’ve seen the headlines, and this absolutely is not about opening a café halfway up Ingleborough. We refused that application many years ago. This is about a small timber kiosk (pictured) at the bottom of a garden opening for a few hours at the weekend and during the holidays for the sale of a few snacks.

“This is a very modest, low-key scheme, which requires the applicant to present us with a detailed plan of how waste and litter will be controlled to ensure the unspoilt character of the area.

“At the heart of every planning decision we make as a National Park Authority is our purpose to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of this fantastic area. It is the Committee’s view that this scheme does not compromise that purpose”.   

An audio recording from the meeting (of this agenda item) is available to listen back to here.

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News Release

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


4 Replies to “Ingleborough Snack Kiosk Approved”

  1. JP says:

    Blimey, all the upset over a small shed! Locals have to find some way of drawing a living! Tbh, why not a cabin on top of the hill, if it’s done on a sustainable, low impact way? The walls and paths haven’t always been there, why shouldn’t other things.

  2. Claire says:

    What about the destruction caused by the thousands of feet going up in planned events.

    The money from snacks might support locals for upkeep of the routes

  3. Tim Ward says:

    Neil Heseltine, please explain in detail what controls you as an authority will be placing on the waste created by the ‘snack kiosk’.

    For example will you be stipulating that all take away materials used by this unwanted kiosk (cups, lids, packaging, cutlery, napkins, etc.) are all 100% biodegradable? Are you also insisting that materials used by the owners are all branded with their business logo so that subsequent littering can be traced and action taken?

    In addition, how will you properly enforce litter control? Are you planning on stationing national park staff at this site on a permanent basis or are you planning on spot checks?

    I rode past Ribblehead last Saturday (14/05) and there was litter all along the side of the road where charity walkers had parked and were leaving their litter behind (not a sign of any police or park authority presence to enforce littering laws and issue fines).

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly with detailed answers to my questions.

    Kind regards,
    Mr T Ward

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