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Smardale Bridge by Wendy McDonnell

Green Space Stories Launches

Wednesday 18 May, 2022, by Mark Sadler

We’d love you to share your stories about your relationship with the UK landscape

People from across the UK are being invited to share their stories about their relationship with nature and the landscape as part of Green Space Stories

Bringing together thousands of stories in a searchable online archive, Green Space Stories will create a snapshot of our connection with nature in 2022, and a powerful source of knowledge for researchers, policy makers, artists and educators.

This unique citizen science project is part of Green Space Dark Skies, one of ten UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK projects taking place in 2022. Green Space Stories is a partnership between Walk the Plank, National Parks UK and the University of Salford.

We’re asking YOU to share your anonymous stories about your experiences in nature and the landscape: whether that’s in the hills or mountains, lakes or beaches, woodlands or local parks. You can tell your story through writing, photos or recordings on the Green Space Dark Skies website.

The archive of stories – which will be anonymous – will be available for anyone to view through a searchable, easy to use dashboard and will form a treasure trove of knowledge about our relationship to nature in 2022.  

Green Space Stories might be used by artists to inspire songs, poems, artworks, films or books.  It might be used by government organisations or local councils to inform and shape policies.  It might be used by researchers looking for information about how certain themes emerge in our relationship with the landscape.  Educators or community groups might use it to find stories from people of certain ages, or in a specific area of the country.  Individuals will be able to search for stories shared by people like them, or who differ from them.

There is no story too short to tell and no experience that we cannot learn from. 

Green Space Dark Skies

Watch this introductory film to the Green Space Dark Skies project.

Picture of Mark Sadler

Mark Sadler

Mark is the Communications Manager with the YDNPA.


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