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View in Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales

Go Wild! quiz answers

Friday 3 July, 2020, by Cat Kilner

T or F: The logo of our National Park is a sheep’s head


T or F: Over 23,000 people live in the National Park


T or F: The River Wensley flows through Wensleydale

False. It’s the River Ure.

T or F: You can ride your bike on a bridleway but not on a footpath


T or F: A group of sheep is called a herd

False. It is a flock of sheep.

T or F: A Belted Galloway is a cow


T or F: A curlew has a short, straight beak

False. It has a very long beak that curves downwards.

T or F: Peregrine falcons are the fastest birds

True. They are the fastest birds in the world when they are diving downwards. In fact, they are the fastest living thing on the planet (that we know of!)

T or F: Ingleborough is the highest of the Three Peaks

False. Whernside is the highest. Ingleborough is the second highest.

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Cat Kilner

Cat is the Authority's Learning & Engagement Officer

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