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Dairy Days: oral history trainer appointed

Monday 25 June, 2018, by Karen Griffiths

We’d like to welcome Dr Tracy Craggs to the Dairy Days team. She’s been appointed to help us train a small number of people to conduct the oral history interviews which will form the backbone of the project. We’ll be posting the training dates shortly so watch this space.

Tracy has sent us a short bio:
Dr Tracy Craggs has worked in the field of oral history for more than twenty years, both interviewing a wide variety of people with different stories to tell, and training others to capture memories. She has worked for the Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association for ten years, recording survivors and their families, interviewed members of the armed forces, young and the not so young, and worked extensively with a large number of organisations and community groups including English Heritage, the Royal Armouries and the Oscars. Her most relevant experience for this project is working for the Yorkshire Museum of Farming for three years, being fortunate to meet and interview farmers and their families about their working lives and their hopes for the future. Despite not knowing one end of a cow from the other, after three years she could discuss the problems of slurry disposal with a dairy farmer! Tracy is really looking forward to working with staff and volunteers and to contribute towards the success of this exciting and worthwhile project.”

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Karen Griffiths

Interpretation Officer for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


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