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Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

COVID-19 Weekend Update

Friday 17 April, 2020, by Mark Sadler

Ahead of the weekend, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is once again urging the public to heed Government advice to stay home and avoid all unnecessary travel.

David Butterworth, Chief Executive of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority said:

“People must not be making unnecessary trips to, or around the National Park. In particular, exercise should be done locally, and people should not be making special journeys to access the countryside. Our Ranger Service will once again be supporting North Yorkshire and Cumbria Police in the National Park over the weekend, encouraging people to heed this advice”.

National Park Offices, Visitor Centres, car parks and toilets are all closed, while public rights of way remain open for local people to take exercise, and shop for essentials. It is important these are not blocked or obstructed. Where rights of way pass close to, or through residential and agricultural properties, Government advice regarding social distancing and hand washing should be strictly adhered to.

Mike Walker, Assistant Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police said:

“If we continue to follow the guidance to stay home, we will continue to see a slowing in the spread of COVID-19, meaning the virus will be beaten all the sooner. That’s why we are again asking residents of North Yorkshire and those who live outside the area, but love to visit, to please work with us and stay home this weekend”.

Cumbria Constabulary’s Chief Constable, Michelle Skeer said:

“When leaving home, we need to continue to do what is necessary and reasonable and this includes where we exercise. Now is not the time for people to be travelling to Cumbria to exercise in our rural communities or visit the National Parks. I am pleased that most people understand this”.

Information and guidance continues to be updated online at

Picture of Mark Sadler

Mark Sadler

Mark is the Communications Manager with the YDNPA.


5 Replies to “COVID-19 Weekend Update”

  1. Phil Johnston says:

    We live in North Yorkshire so are we allowed to travel a limited distance by car to walk on the moors e.g. Pateley Bridge area, Stump Cross.? Information is very ambiguous and states we can drive as long as our walk takes longer than the drive.Does that mean we can drive 30 minutes, walk 3 hours and return home.
    Phil Johnston
    Phil Johnston

    • Mark Sadler says:

      Hi Phil,

      Government advice has been, and continues to be, to exercise locally. Our guidance is regularly updated here on the website. Thank you.


  2. Mike Richardson says:

    I agree with Mr Butterfield’s comments but governments new guidelines have created confusion yet again.

  3. Andrew Dawrant says:

    We live in the Yorkshire Dales. Walking locally for exercise is in the Yorkshire Dales.

    Public rights of way signs have intimidating notices asking “what are you doing here?”

    Farmers have closed permissive paths, and are aggressively asserting that the Yorkshire Dales National Park is closed. I canT go away – I live here!

    All understandable in these unprecedented times, but please can we keep a sense of perspective and a bit of tolerance. A walk in the countryside isn’t going to spread the virus.

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