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Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives Walking the Malham Landscape Trail on a decmber day. Low lying mist in the valley.


Updated March 1st 2021

As the Government updates its advice on the evolving COVID19 Coronavirus outbreak we will, where appropriate, provide National Park relevant guidance and information in posts below. These appear in date order with the newest first.

It’s important everyone continues to follow the advice closely, especially in relation to staying home, exercising locally, not travelling unnecessarily and social distancing.

What you need to do is detailed here

This includes details of the roadmap out of lockdown.

While the national lockdown restrictions continue we’re asking everyone to respect the guidance and to to stay home, exercise locally, and not to travel unnecessarily. Thank you in advance!

National Park offices in Bainbridge and Grassington are closed with Officers continuing to work from home. National Park Visitor Centres and the Dales Countryside Museum are also closed.

National Park car parks and toilets remain open for local people to take exercise and shop for essentials. 

You can view our guidance and updates below.


We are making every effort to continue to deal with planning applications in a timely manner, but this will involve having to change the way that we do some things. For example, applications will only be advertised by site notice and no neighbour consultations will be made.

We would also appreciate it if you could submit planning applications, documents and information electronically via the planning portal or via

With many officers continuing to work from home, any information submitted by post may take longer to deal with.

We may need to continue to provide advice remotely regarding protected trees and arboricultural matters, and it may not be possible to carry out site visits. Therefore, we can only deal with applications which include photographs and clearly outline all details of proposed tree works. To contact the trees & woodlands team please email us at


People in North Yorkshire in urgent need of help, who have no friends, family, church or clubs to turn to should get in touch with North Yorkshire County Council’s Customer Service Centre of 01609 780780 or find out more online here.


Information about the support available to tourism businesses in North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire can be found here.

Health & Safety:

You can also view our risk assessment for car parks and toilets and our safety notices.


We will continue to update guidance, when appropriate, and you can find these below.

And we continue to be contactable by e-mail at