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Aysgarth Falls The three stepped waterfalls at Aysgarth have been a tourist attraction for over 200 years. Wordsworth visited them and Turner sketched them. More recently they provided a dramatic setting for a scene from the Hollywood movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

What to do in November

November days can be a bit dark and depressing as autumn rolls on into winter. A lunch out in a friendly café or pub is just the thing to lift the mood, or maybe treat yourself to a relaxing spa day or a swim in the luxurious surroundings of Long Ashes Leisure Club.

Don’t forget that a rainy day has some benefits – for a start the many waterfalls in the Dales are at their spectacular best after a good wet day.

If you are well-equipped then there’s nothing better than a tough hike up one of the Three Peaks. You’ll feel an amazing sense of achievement afterwards, and that big portion of pie and chips at a nearby pub is exactly what you deserve!