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Improving resilience to flooding is one of the 18 potential priority issues, as illustrated by this photo which shows youth volunteers Eva, Molana and Olivia (wearing hats, from l to r) planting reed plugs in a river bed at Lawkland Hall Farm near Settle. They are part of the Up Skill Down Dale programme, working with Lune Rivers Trust to help stem the flow of water on the farm.

Act now to influence National Park plan

Tuesday 20 February, 2024, by News Release

Nearly 900 people have so far responded to the first public consultation on a new five-year management plan for the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

An appeal is now being made for more people to take part, as the online survey closes on Monday.

People are asked to choose what they think is the most important issue that needs tackling in the National Park, from a list of 18 potential priorities.  

The list mixes social, business and environmental programmes, ranging from supporting the tourism economy to improving resilience to flooding (please see image and caption below). 

The survey is being conducted by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan Partnership, which is updating its management plan to cover the period 2025 to 2029.

The Deputy Chair of the partnership, Neil Heseltine, said: “We are delighted with the engagement so far in the survey, but it would be great if more people could take time out this weekend to complete it.  We want to hear from anyone with an interest in what happens in the National Park.

“What do you think should be the top six priorities for organisations working in the National Park, including a number one priority?  That’s the question we are asking.   Anything not on the list of 18 can be suggested, too.” 

He added: “This is not about telling only the National Park Authority what you want to happen.    The management plan will help shape what the local councils, the Forestry Commission, Natural England and lots of other bodies will be doing in the Yorkshire Dales National Park during the rest of this decade.”

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2 Replies to “Act now to influence National Park plan”

  1. Joan Nicholson says:

    Transport – have a fleet of minibuses driving along all roads in the park so that walkers are never more than say 30 or 45 minutes away from a bus once they get to road. Link buses to train stations. Then ban all non-local cars.

  2. Heather Walker says:

    Good idea but that will just open the roads to more cyclists who already block the roads for farmers and locals going about their daily work

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