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Lapwing Credit: Ken Readshaw


The varied habitats found within the Yorkshires Dales National Park support a wide range of different bird species with some, such as breeding waders, found in nationally important numbers. The fells tops are home to species such as golden plover and red grouse, whilst skylarks, black grouse and ring ouzel can still be found along the moorland fringe.

This key habitat also supports good numbers of breeding waders such as curlew, snipe and lapwing. On the lower slopes, green woodpeckers, redstarts and pied flycatchers still frequent a number of ancient and ash woodlands, with dippers and grey wagtails favouring many of the shallow stony-bottomed rivers and streams. The pastures and meadows also support good numbers of breeding waders, with yellow wagtails adding a splash of colour in a small number of isolated areas.

For more information on some of the priority species click on links to Waders; Birds of Prey; Sparrows; and Other birds of the Dales.



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